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This picture gets to the heart of the switch in me. I’m always a babygirl, but sometimes I’m a very evil one who wields bath brushes and canes! BEWARE! *giggles*

Funishments look so prettyful :)

@babydavid1962 I love you!
Red hair and black eyeliner make for a super pretty babygirl :)
If she’s not wearing a nappy under that skirt she is in for a spanking.
Such cute jammies and dummy and dummy strap!
My favourite type of pic.
Daddy can’t decide what to have for breakfast. He’s in his suit ready for a long day at work while his babygirl waits patiently at home for his return. She lays herself on the dining table, legs spread invitingly. All she is missing is a small tag reading ‘eat me’, inviting Daddy into Wonderland.
Aww I loves this nappy cover!


that’s a good girl you can suck your thumb while Daddy has His way

And clench your toes.

Moan for Daddy. Good girl.