About ABJane


23/F/Coventry, UK.
Lesbian, single.

Owned and collared by DaddySpacey.
Babygirl, submissive, pup and toy.

Daddy’s In Charge

SLRN: 556-019-508

I am happily collared to my amazing Daddy Dom since 18/08/13. I follow Daddy’s rules as well as giving Him total authority (TPE) over my day to day life. I am His babygirl, His submissive, His puppy and His toy. I live to obey; to be a good little girl, a well behaved pup, a pleasing toy and a dedicated submissive. Our dynamic is rooted in friendship, trust and communication. I have worked hard to get to where we are today, as has Daddy. I won’t let anything destroy what we have built. My obedience serves to protect what we have developed. As someone with BPD I can be hard work, but Daddy has never walked away. We just work through it, always communicating, and always finding a way to move forward. My collaring is not just a promise from Daddy to me, but a commitment from me to Him. It keeps me grounded, it gives me something permanent. It is my healing.

Baby Jane

Being little is WHO I AM: it is part of my identity rather than a temporary role. I’ve always been childish and things like a bottle, dummy and nappies have just made that aspect of my personality complete. I don’t have a set age and present as anything from a sweet and innocent toddler to a playful school girl, or elements of many different ages all rolled into one. What is important is that I feel small and submissive, and that I get to be looked after by Daddy who is big and strong. I wear nappies 24/7 and am incontinent because of this. I have an awesome ageplay sister, missspartiepants, and I love playdates with her and her Daddy! Me and Daddy aren’t closed to the idea of more playdates with other DD/LG couples, so if you fit that bill and would enjoy making mischief together in my nursery then get in touch :) There’s room in the playpen for two!

Sub Jane

I am a sub with an interest in a lot of aspects of BDSM. I love pain in nearly every way imaginable, be it a flogger, cane, paddle, hand-spanking, electro-play, needles, fire, wax, figging, knives… I’m open to most things that hurt and that can send me into subspace. I especially enjoy being marked by whatever form of torture I’m being subjected to.

I also enjoy humiliation, be that verbal or through things like pet play (as a puppy), enemas, rape scenes, or some form of public degradation. I enjoy ageplay being used publically as a form of humiliation, and love things like Daddy checking whether I need a change in public, putting my dummy in my mouth while we are out, or making me use a sippy cup at a restaurant.

I enjoy Daddy showing me He is in control in many ways. I love to obey orders, I enjoy being restrained. I like being physically forced to do things, especially through pulling of my hair or a hand to my throat (especially if that hand causes me to pass out). I love to be thrown into position and be treated roughly. I also adore thought control and dirty things being whispered into my ear to fuck with my mind.

When I’m in a D/s scene I prefer to call Daddy ‘Sir’. My body and mind belong to Him. I place no limits on how He chooses to use them.

Vanilla Jane

In the big world, I am first and foremost a single mum to my beautiful 3 year old son. I work 3 days a week in a bookshop but the rest of the time I’m with my little angel at home. I enjoy yoga, the gym, live music, comedy, walks in the countryside and shopping. I am moderately politically active with a less than moderate left leaning. I enjoy driving to new places and going on adventures, but I also have firm roots and don’t see myself moving away from Coventry any time soon.

I’m a bit of a hippy and my greatest happiness is found in helping others. I believe that the greatest weapon we have is LOVE and with it we can change the world. I am a pacifist. I am an idealist. I am a realist. My moral code is the Wiccan Rede: An it harm none, do what thou wilt. I am strong, passionate and live every moment to the full. I am fiercely loyal to those who have gained my trust. I am an abuse survivor. I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I am not defined by my scars. BDSM is a spiritual journey to me, and I find meaning in pain.