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About ABJane

I am a 3-5 year old Little Girl who needs lots of gentle looking after. I love days out, especially to see animals or go to the park. I doesn’t like nasty weather, I likes being outside :) My favourite animals are goats and my favourite things in the playarea are swings. I enjoy holding hands or wearing reins so I don’t get lost. If I’m indoors I likes to bake fairy cakes and do craft and colouring in :) Can I paint you please? You look more fun than paper :D

I have a wonderful Daddy Dom who is here to help me be the very best little girl I can be :) He is firm but fair: He has rules but also rewards. I do my best to always make him proud, but he’s proud of me even when I mess up and that is magical :D My life has been transformed through His friendship and I’m never gonna let him go :) I cuddle the Build a Bear he got me every night – Woof hugs rock!

Being little is WHO I AM: it is a part of me at all times, not just an occasional ‘fetish’. It has always been an aspect of my personality and my bottle and nappies have just made that complete :) My bedroom is a full on AB nursery with squishy floormats and millions of teddies and a changing mat and a cot and kids duvet covers and fairy wings! The walls are covered with my colourings and a Disney Princess border :D

I’m sometimes a bit of a tomboy and I likes playing with my Scalextric and Lego :D Digging and climbing trees is fun! Dungarees are mega comfy! I’m verrrrry obsessed with the space race and I likes to pretend to be an astronaut and that my bedroom is a rocket! Nyawwwww I gonna fly to Europa and set up and AB colony :D Coming?

I love to be mischievous but only in a playful manner and never to upset anyone. I like to be very firmly disciplined and I see being a babygirl as submission. I sometimes act out so I get to be restrained and spanked. Daddy is teaching me that only good girls get these sort of funishments, not ones who try to push the boundaries! I try my hardest to never bereally naughty cos actual punishments are very different – they’re horrid.

Big Girl Me

For those who want to get to know me a little more :)

Big girl me is first and foremost stay-at-home mum of a beautiful 2 year old. I am single and looking. If you want to apply for the vacancy as Prince Charming do get in touch. Princesses also considered :)

As an individual, I don’t just want to understand the world, I’m here to change it. I believe that the greatest weapon we have is LOVE. I am a pacifist. I am an idealist. I am a realist. I don’t eat animals, they’re my friends. I am strong, passionate and live every moment to the full. I am fiercely loyal to those who have gained my trust. I am an abuse survivor. I have borderline personality disorder. I am not defined by my scars.

I am an avid amateur physicist. I enjoy shopping, meals out and fun stuff like gokarting. I have an eclectic music taste and like going to gigs. I don’t drink so ‘normal’ nights out don’t interest me too much. I prefer to have a coffee and good chat with my friends :) Sometimes I need time to myself to be quiet, sometimes I go into hiding for a day.