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Literally me right now.

Ahh too true. So many girls I could fall in love with… All in America :(

Anonymous asked: Hi jane I am a nappies lover and wearer but thinking about it it is strange as apose to the norm so wat is the sexual attraction to nappies do you think??

Ooh the million dollar question! There’s just something very sexy but I can’t put my finger on it. The way it accentuates the curve of the bum. The feel of them when they are wet. The very fact that it is a taboo. I can’t put it into words… :)

Anonymous asked: Hi Jane! I've read somewhere that you really enjoy wetting your nappy in shops. I was just wondering if you are able to just stop where you are at any given moment and wee, or do you feel the need to find a quiet corner of the shop/supermarket. Also, so you get a particular thrill doing this in the baby aisle of the supermarket?

I’m able to wee anywhere but sometimes I have to stand still, other times I’m relaxed enough to do it while walking. No, I don’t find it any more exciting in the baby aisle.

littlemisssmartiepants asked: Booobiesssssssssss

Willlliiessssss! :D

paddedpanda asked: how does someone become friends with someone as amazing as you?

Are you on Fetlife? I find it easier to keep up with people there, so drop me a message. Twitter is also easier for chatting :)

Anonymous asked: Hi jane have now tried tena slip maxi and attends slip regular wow great nappies tena are great with attends a very very close second!!

Yes, two very good nappies indeed :)

dondl86 asked: So I had I dream last night of someone being the best mommy someone could be to me and the only person I can picture is you so I had a dream about you lol have a wonderful day

Lol that’s really lovely of you to say :) I hope you continue to have happy dreams :)

Anonymous asked: Hi jane I know you say not to but if wearing nappies is a fetish sexually and you try to push it away is it possible or in your opinion would you always come back?? Xxx

The majority of people I have spoken to who are diaper lovers - especially the older ones and ones who it was there from childhood for - have tried to push it away. Every one of them says it just isn’t possible. It keeps coming back. The cycle of binge and purge is just not healthy. I seriously advise embracing who you are sooner than later. Years of guilt isn’t a good thing. It is something you can’t stop the desire for so there’s only two options: sadness and guilt or happiness and inner peace. I think its obvious which is better! Good luck, I know it can be a difficult journey xx

jetpack-johnny asked: where did you get your waddle suit? although personally I got mine second hand from a friend so bagged it as a bargain!